March 21, 2018


However, while implementing our activities, we are facing with some challenges and we are looking for every methodology from both internal governance and donors to mitigate and address each challenge every day and every step we jump. Challenges are categorized and listed with potential solution as below:

  • CAPACITY BUILDING: capacity building training on business skills to local entrepreneurs at the result of sustainable water supply services are still limited.
  • INVESTMENT: capacity of local entrepreneur/operator to invest or re-invest in water treatment kiosk’s operational services and products are still limited.
  • COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION SYSTEM: limited access to Business Management’s Information System, caused ineffective communication and non-qualified reporting from both operating-site and support-platform.
  • R&D FUND: Lack of fund, which required to update technology on water treatment process due to new research found.
  • AWARENESS: Lack of fund, which required for Awareness Penetration of health impact, product and services.
  • FINANCING: We are still working on a shoe-string to just funding the water-treatment kiosk project on a whole capital investment and operational cost to achieve our goal in 2020. (Note: The average cost for an establishment of a water-treatment kiosk project will cost up to US$ 27,500).