March 14, 2018


Teuk Saat 1001, partner of the French “ 1001 Fontaines” NGO, is a Cambodian registered NGO acting as a non-profit social enterprise that supports community access to safe drinking water with its water-filtration plants through local franchisees in rural Cambodian villages regardless of politics, religion, race, gender or color with:

Authorization letter of Ministry of Interior, No.871​ សជណ, dated: 25 July 2007 Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Rural Development,

    1st MoU dated: 12 March, 2009
    2nd MoU, dated: 22 June, 2012
    3rd MoU, dated: 30 September, 2014

Our Vision

A leading Cambodian organization to promote health of Rural Communities in a very sustainable manner.

Our Mission

Support safe drinking water to rural community by applying social enterprise models.

Our Core Values: SHARE

  • Sustainability: start with the word sustainability
  • Health: Always think about improving health of the people
  • Accountability: Act with high responsibility
  • Relationship: by team working with a good environment
  • Empowerment: to team and community

How we work

  • Teuk Saat1001 began its first stage in 2005 in north-west Cambodia, and became successful with 50 sites around Bat Tam Bang, Banteay Mean Chey, and Siem Reap provinces, under a support platform named “Battambang platform”
  • TS1001, in 2012, continued to deploy more 50 sites in Kan Dal, Kam Pong Chhnang, Prey Veng, and Kam Pong Speu, under the 2nd support platform named “ Phnom Penh Platform”
  • More than 150,000 beneficiaries in total including:
    • 53,011 children from 159 state primary schools and
    • 2,375 children from 13 orphanage centers

Our 3 Key Principles

Everything Teuk Saat 1001 does – from governance to grant management is based on 3 key principles